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utilitech led

Utilitech LED provides the best combination of quality, efficiency, durability and affordability when it comes to lighting and various electrical products. Whether it’s for your home, office, commercial or industrial needs, we have got your lighting and electrical needs covered.

About the Utilitech brand

Utilitech is a line of lighting and other electrical products exclusively built for and marketed by Lowes. The brand offers that opportunity for consumers to gain access to quality lighting and electrical products at an affordable price. A subdivision of the brand is Utilitech Pro. These are electrical products specifically built for industrial use and exceed the requirements of all local building and electrical codes. The brand’s product categories include: LED light bulbs, fluorescent lights, recessed lighting, under cabinet LEDs, outdoor and security lighting systems, industrial, worksite and shop lights, timers, controls, extension cords, air conditioners, fans, etc.

utilitech pro led

LED Product Offerings

  • Utilitech LED bulbs. The most basic and widely varied line of Utilitech is its bulbs. Instead of using old incandescent and CFL bulbs, why not go for LEDs that are built to last and proven to help you save on your electricity bills. The brand offers indoor and outdoor LED bulbs, decorative bulbs, spotlights, floodlight bulbs, including the versatile dimmable ones.
  • LED tubes. Utilitech LED tubes are the best replacements for those old fluorescent tubes. They are brighter, more durable, and definitely cheaper to have in the long run.
  • Recessed lighting. Recessed lights are used for modern interior and exterior ceilings. These lights are decorative in nature and are designed to fit flush on the surface where they are installed on. Majority of the designs have their LED components permanently fixed on the housings, though there are sets wherein the housing and LED bulb comes separately.
  • Under cabinet lighting. These are lighting fixtures that are used under hanging cabinets or where the room’s main lighting fail to laminate. They can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, pantries, etc.
  • Outdoor and security lights. These are the LED and modern replacements of traditional lights used outdoors to improve on security. And just like traditional sconce lights, they are fixed on the side of the wall, post or beam.
  • Worksite and shop lights. Utilitech Pro LED offers high capacity, high luminance, yet low wattage LED lights fit for worksites, shops, etc, where maximum brightness is necessary for the job.

utilitech led bulb

Shifting Towards LED

Even if there are now LEDs, many households and workplaces still use conventional incandescent, fluorescent, and CFL lightings. But why should you consider shifting towards LED particularly with Utilitech Pro LED light? The top reason is efficiency. With LED lights you get far more luminance or brightness per wattage of power. They are durable and long lasting. LEDs can perfectly function whether in hot, cold or extreme environments. Except for their circuitry, LEDs emit close to zero heat and zero UV emission. They are relatively safer than other lighting alternatives. LEDs are environment friendly. And finally, they are very much versatile where uses and colors that can be produced can be limitless.

utilitech pro led light

Why Choose Utilitech LED

  • Get quality lighting products from a reputable and trusted brand
  • Choose and enjoy from a wide variety of lighting products fit for your requirements
  • Technologically advanced lighting products that surpass even the popular and top brands
  • Enjoy maximum energy savings
  • Save hundreds of dollars in hiring a repair man with our safe, easy-to-install lighting products
  • The best lighting products that you can depend on.

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